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Theresa sought to utilise children's individual skills and interests in different areas of the curriculum through the use of 'fluid grouping', whereby she would group children in different ways in order to develop a sense of whole-class feeling, but additionally to encourage the children to learn from each other: I don't like to keep children all in the same group because I like them to be a class so that they do have opportunities with other children. I don't like having ability groups because I think children have different things to offer.

Where knowledge taught was relevant to the children, the potential for personal ownership and control of that learning was Page 12 increased. However, such knowledge had to be understoodit could be relevant, but abstruse, especially if unconnected with the children's prior knowledge. Free play provided the best opportunities for creative learning. In the lower school because of the more formal demands made on teachers by the National Curriculum, there were limitations imposed by the need for 'getting done'.

We have identified three main elements of our teachers' approach holism, child-centredness, and care. We illustrate each of these from among our teachers, then go on to consider their views on multiculturalism and bilingualism, and how they resourced their teaching within a cultural context. We conclude with a note on how our teachers see themselves coping with intensification. Teaching Approach Holism The teachers believed that knowledge was integral and related in all its parts. They also saw education as more than simply teaching children the content of the National Curriculum or satisfying the suggestions contained in the Desirable Outcomes for Children's Learning (DLOs).

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